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Hello again!

I like Saturdays, I think it stems from all those years in school, when Saturday was a day to sleep in and watch cartoons and lounge around with friends. And, as you get older, those things go away and you might not have the same freedoms you once did, but it still has that feeling. It's the weekend, and you can almost smell the freedom.
Though I'm nearing 21 and I have, unfortunately, outgrown the sleeping in and cartoons and whatnot, I still love Saturdays. Even when I do have to work on them.

I love this skirt. The buttons I can live without, but the print is so inherently summer. I paired it with the white button down and brown brogues because it's so cute! I like the knee highs and brogues look, it is so innocent looking, and it reminds of school. I never had to wear a uniform but I always wanted to. And, so knee highs and brogues are just awesome to me.

Hat-eBay|Top-DIY|Skirt-Target|Knee Highs-DIY|Oxfords-Thrift

Have a good day!

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