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Hello, hello!

If you've been here for a while, or if you've ever seen me, you can tell I have a sideshave undercut. Nturally, in the cold months, people ask me how I keep my head warm.

Well, for one, I have other hair, I mean, it's not like that 1/4 of my head makes my whole head cold. Secondly, hats exist for this reason? I guess when people ask this, they're more or less asking me why I have decided to continue to have this cut/maintain in the cold months.
In any case, I have discovered that this hair turban headband from H&M a couple years back covers my side perfectly, so this will be a great winter.

Top--Thrift//Skirt--Forever 21//Oxfords--Thrift

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  1. LOVE THIS. A seriously awesome outfit.
    xoxx, Monica
    F&ML: Fashion And My Life


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