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OUTFIT | The Fourth

Happy Independence Day!

Jean Jacket--Vinted//Top--Thrift//Skirt--Thrift//Boots--Target

I have an admission to make--I didn't actually wear this to celebrate the fourth. We took these and then grabbed a bite to eat before heading to a park downtown where I proceeded to spill taco juice all over my shirt. 
I did wear something super similar though, just swapped out the shirt and boots. It was muddier than expected outside and I didn't want to fall face first while walking a mile to a good spot.

After meeting  up with my parents, we found a great spot downtown to watch the fireworks, and we played around with some light painting with lights and sparklers.

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  1. I adore everything about this look! I have a slight obsession with stripes (pretty sure half of my wardrobe is striped t-shirts), so I absolutely love the shirt. And the red lipstick is wonderful :)
    x Alona

  2. I love how this looks nautical! So wearable, not just for the 4th! Xoxo


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