OUTFIT | Plaid Party

Holy plaid! It's a plaid party today.

Hats for All? Hats for Fall!

I'm a lover of hats. Is this a known fact? If not, well, now you know! I am borderline obs...


OUTFIT | Autumn's Beginning

Is it officially Fall? Yes! It is also 82? Yes!


OUTFIT | Flowering

This may be the last time I can wear a light floral print this year.


Glasses at GlassesShop

Do you like cheap glasses ? Because I sure do. I don't like spending a lot of money and...


LIFE | Rainy Days are Thinking Days [Dear Fat People]

Recently, this video has been going around called "Dear Fat People". I'm sure you&...


OUTFIT | The Last Hurrah

Summer is ending. Though it's still like, 90 degrees out and terrible, the end is nig...


5 Things You Need to Know Before Starting a Blog

Want to know what I get asked a lot? "What are some tips for blogging?" Why woul...