Thursday, May 30, 2013

Happy Thursday all!

So, I just received these beautiful leopard loafers in the post a few days ago from eBay and couldn't wait to style them. I'm not usually a fan of animal print--zebra will never have a place in my wardrobe--but I'm warming up to it. A little.
Leopard is definitely an Autumn print, and seeing as it isn't Autumn (here at least), I had trouble trying to style it to Spring/Summer. All I could think of was cardigans and tights with skirts and I had to stop myself and go "Katie, it's 83 out, you can't wear a cardigan and survive". But, I think I succeeded at styling them for summer

This white top is so lovely. I love how the bottom portion flows and is really flattering to me. I paired it with some denim shorts and tights because I don't like wearing shorts without them. My legs are extraordinarily pale and though I love my fair skin, too much of it is distracting.

I really apologize for the blinding white top! I didn't realize the sun was going to be vibrant today.

On an added note, what should kind of posts do you all want to see? Besides fashion related? I feel disconnected to you all and I want you all to know me as well as my friends do.

White Top-Target|High Waist Shorts-Thrift|Leopard Loafers-eBay

Good afternoon!

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  1. Anonymous5/30/2013

    I found your blog from your Tumblr but I don't have a blogger to follow you on here. I just wanted to say that you are so gorgeous and that your fashion sense is so cute.

    Though I don't follow you and I can't really say what you should post about, the fact that you feel disconnected from your bloggers is sad. I would definitely recommend a Q&A or a FAQ. Maybe even explaining your style sense in your opinion. Just a few suggestions!


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