Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Well, this is different.

I don't wear a lot of colors. Or long skirts. So, this skirt is pretty much my enemy. But, I just love it. It's very light and it feels great against my skin. It's handmade-- my mother picked out the fabric and sewed it for herself, but she donated it to me because she doesn't get to wear skirts that often anymore. I haven't worn in it an outfit post, so I thought it should make it's debut today.

Because the print is so loud, I paired it with a white blouse and a neutral shoe, to really make it the focus of the look. I added a boater hat because I felt like I needed some legit protection from the sun today. It really is sweltering out today. And this is the result.

Today is a day of pure relaxation. I can get dressed up and relax, can't I?

Also, here is a bad picture of the sunset last night.

Boater Hat-Thrift|Top-Target|Skirt-DIY|Sandals-Madden Girl (thrift)|Necklace-gift

Have a great day, guys!


  1. Andrea6/20/2013

    I'm not hating I promise but it would be really beneficial if you didn't thrift everything and bought from retail stores like F21 and Topshop more frequently. Because then your readers can emulate the looks instead of admiring them, you know?

    Love from Scotland.

    1. I appreciate your input. But, to be honest, I don't shop at Forever 21 or Topshop (because I don't live near a Topshop) enough to buy a lot from there. And, it's not like I don't want to--it's just that I can find the same things there at Plato's Closet or any other second hand/thrift store. I do realize that all thrift or mostly thrift outfits are hard to copy or to reference from because those items are unique, but I don't think if I wore head to toe Forever 21 or Topshop (or Primark/H&M/Asos)that it would help me. Plus, I'd have less money if I did.

      Thank you, though. I"m not being sarcastic when I say that I appreciate your input because I thrive on that, so thanks! Keep it coming!


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