Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Big hair, don't care.

I love the black on black trend, and it's probably because I own so many black clothes that it's almost necessary to do black on black. I love the trend because it's absolutely forgiving in every way and it's gorgeous. I bleed black blood.

I wore my newest cardigan, this beautiful black one. Out of all the cardigans I have, I have never owned a black one before this one. Craziness. I love it, it's long and warm and it goes with anything and everything. I need more black cardigans in my life. I threw it atop a white blouse, because it's quite chilly out at night, and because I don't like to wear sleeveless blouses without a top layer. I wore my liquid leggings (at least, they look like liquid leggings) and added my studded loafers. I added my new yellow scarf because it's too gorgeous to not wear and I added my yellow envelope crossbody, too, for good measure.

Do you know what I think the best thing is? Messy waves. My hair is naturally a big mess of waves and curls thrown atop my head, so when they naturally lay appropriately, it is seriously the best.

Cardigan-Thrift|Top-Target|Scarf-eBay|Leggings-Thrift|Loafers-Forever 21

Have a great day!

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