Thursday, September 26, 2013


Today has been a great day. I woke up to the sunshine, to my boyfriend's arms around me, and the smell of fresh brewed coffee lingering in the air. Perfect.  I am truly blessed to be with someone as caring and loving as Tony. He's the caramel apple of my eye and I'm glad that I get to sleep under the same covers as him every night.

Dang that harsh sun!

I love shades of red and though that sounds eerily similar to 50 Shades of Gray, I assure you that it's nothing like that, and I can promise you this blog post has more personality is better written than the whole of that series. :) Though red isn't a prominent color in my wardrobe, I do consider it to be the best color on my skin. I'm a very pale person, I'm a Caspar. So, red warms me up a bit but it also gives that vampy look, because there is a harshness. I just love red, and in association, pink. So, I hope that justifies my overuse of my bowler hat!

Because it is now fall, and the temperatures outside are notorious for dropping and rising in a matter of seconds, I decided to go with an age old approach: layering. I wore my gold "woven" tank with a bralette under, and added this circle printed skirt from Target. I threw on a cardigan for warmth and tights and socks for balance at the bottom. I tied the outfit together with my handy wine bowler hat and my oxford boots. I like balance in looks--where the colors are evenly distributed without the look and no part looks heavier than the other--and I think this is my best use of it yet!

Bowler hat-eBay|Tank-Thrift|Skirt-Target|Socks-Target|Boots-Thrift
Lips-Dark Wine--Wet n WIld

Have a great day all!

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