Sunday, October 06, 2013


Dreary Sundays are the worst. I love the look of them from the outside, but being in them is the worst.
It dropped from 75 to 55 in a matter of hours. For you Celsius babes out there, it's now 13 outside. Which isn't cold, but it was a drastic change. But, it means I can actually wear layers and not burn!
But the rain means I'm stuck inside.

So, low quality indoor photos it is!

I have a very small collection of jumpers now, and that is kind of upsetting. I recently donated a collection of them to Goodwill and now I'm pretty much jumperless. But, oh god do I have cardigans. My open sweater to closed sweater ratio is way off. That means I need to go thrifting soon...

Dress (worn as a skirt)-Thrift|Jumper-Thrift|Boots-Target

Have a lovely Sunday!

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  1. Your skirt is really gorgeous. Love your outfit :)

    http://yourfashiontroubleshootingguide.blogspot.com ♥


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