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Thursday, November 14, 2013


It finally did it, it finally snowed here. Which, to me, means that fall is slowly slipping away from us just as soon as it started. Quite literally, it is below freezing out and there is still remnants of orange leaves.

We're going to pretend that these poor quality photos are because I'm artistic and deep. and not because my camera is trash in artificial light.

I wore this with a coat when I went out, as to not exasperate my (already) ill body. Colds suck. End of story. I actually enjoy the look of a long coat over tights, because there is that innate curiosity as to what is under the coat. In high school, I was late to school because I had an audition and I had a coat on with a dress under, and as a teacher was escorting me to class, she asks, "you do have clothes on under that, right?"
Yes, ma'am, I did.

I paired my favorite striped shirt under my pleated skirt. I really need to invest in more pleated skirts like this, as to not overwear this one. I threw on my army jacket, because I like to layer, and I love green on black, with some brown added. I scarfed up (get it?!) with this red infinity scarf I got from eBay and then paired it with my Doc Marten look-a-likes from Target.

Army Jacket-Thrift| Scarf-eBay|Shirt-Thrift|Skirt-Forever 21|Boots-Target
Lips- Kiss of Life by Kate Moss for Rimmel

Much love, 

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