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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

In life, there are amazing friends, and then there are friends who only want to be there when it benefits them.
Those are called fair weather friends. 
I'm fortunate enough to not have any fair weather friends, but not all of us can be that lucky, apparently. My boyfriend has recently come to terms with this fact, and he's devastated he allowed this to go on.
Moral of the story:
If someone is only friends with you when it benefits them, stay far away from them. Run far away.

Life lesson aside, hello there!
Eventually my wardrobe will contain all thrifted items. I can see it happening. This whole outfit is thrifted besides the accessories.
It feels like 1 degrees outside. 1. Polar Vortexes suck, alright?
I've loved this skirt since I first I first glanced at it in the thrift. It sat on the top of a clearance tub and I rushed towards it, hoping it wasn't just thrown on top as a lie. But, lo and behold, the thrift store was cleaning out their back room and was clearancing off a ton of stuff to make room for more things. I scored this beaut for $2. I paired it with a black chiffon dress and brown lace up boots. 

Coat-Thrift|Dress (worn under-Thrift|Skirt-Thrift|Boots-Thrift
Have a good (safe and warm) Tuesday!


  1. Wow, that is some amazing thrifting! The coat looks gorgeous! And you are so lucky to not have any fair weather friends! I still need to distance myself from some lol.

    The Lovely Memoir


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