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Monday, January 20, 2014

How to Style Printed Tops

Styling can be difficult, especially when it comes to trendy pieces. How to style, also known as how I style, is a chance for me to pick a trend and style it using Polyvore to help you.

I am a lover of prints. Leopard, chevron, floral--they're all perfect. But, I'm the first to admit that they're hard to style and they can go wrong so fast.

When styling printed tops and blouses, the first thing you should determine is the size of the print. This is a fairly easy thing to do because all you do is look at the top. I like to split prints into three different types: small, medium and large. It's difficult to show you the prints of the three tops I chose, because when you zoom in, all prints look like large prints, but I labeled them.

The reason why you need to classify the type of print is because that dictates how to wear the top. Large prints can be loud and can be an eyesore, so you need to coordinate the outfit a little differently than you would with a small printed top. 

H2S Printed Blouse 3

With this gorgeous top from Pull & Bear, I let it hold it's own by not paring it with any outwear. It has a medium sized print, which can be a statement piece or can be an accessorize piece. I played with it's feminine print with high waist scalloped hem shorts and sheer tights. I added low top black oxfords and frilly socks in a coordinating shade.

H2S Printed Top 4The cool thing about medium printed tops is that they're appropriate for the office but they also let you stand out. Even with a blazer, like I styled here, the colors and print still are the focal point of the outfit. I paired the top with a pair of dark grey slacks, and some D'Orsay flats.

H2S Printed Top 5
With larger prints, like this one, it's always good to pull colors from the top. Since this top is a gorgeous collection of blues, browns, yellows and reds, I paired it with a deep red skirt, yellow cardigan and a brown scarf. It's a playful and youthful outfit that really brings the colors out of the blouse.

H2S Printed Top 6
The same rule applies here. I pulled the dark red from the top and paired it with a crushed velvet skirt and accessorized with a vintage-esque bag and oxfords, with black tights and a bowler hat. This look is a classic look, I believe. It has a masculine edge because of the worn brown from the bag and oxfords, and the bowler hat, but the colors all come together cohesively.

How To Style a Printed Shirt 2
With small prints, like this animal safari print top from Target (it's no longer sold), they can really hold their own without being offensive, but for this outfit, I opted to treat it as an accessory. I layered the top under a sweater and put a textured cardigan over that. And, with skinnies, a floppy hat and adorned loafers, this look is a warm casual look that is so effortless. Layers always make an outfit look like you spent hours planning it out.

How to Style A Printed Shirt
It might be hard to notice, but the top here is actually a cream and black. I paired the top with a black pleated skirt and tights, with brown ankle booties. And, for a pop of color, I added a red scarf. The long cardigan I paired this top with would accentuate the colors in the top, and also, would add some warmth.

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  1. Ooooh I love printed tops. I'm really a fan of the medium size prints so that people can tell what it is but it's not too loud. :)


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