Sunday, January 05, 2014

Snow is beautiful! It's so pristine and white and it falls in a beautiful hush.

But, then you get a foot of it and you get over it's beauty real fast. We're experiencing a winter storm today, and it's in the process of dumping a foot of snow on us. And, then, we'll have temperatures in the negatives, but it will feel like -40 F. 
"Life threatening temperatures." They say.
Yeah, sorry work, my life is a bit more precious than consumerism.
That's colder than it is on Mars. That is the most valid of arguments. I'm not coming into work because, right now in Indianapolis, it is colder than Mars, another planet that is further from the sun than we are. 

But, today is not that bad. It's cold, but a tolerable cold. 
The snowflakes are the huge ones; the ones you get excited about because they make good snowballs, and they pack together to make a snowman. Screw the blowing snow, the packing snow is where it's at.
Browns are my thing--I just love shades of brows and neutrals. They are the easiest things to wear, and they're also so pretty when you mix them together. I've had this sweater for literal ages, my uncle gave it to my dad, who passed it down to me. My dad's not a sweater guy. 
So, I've donned this sweater for a couple years now, mostly as a throw over a pair of leggings, but sometimes, I can dress it up, like today.
I paired it with my handy pleated black skirt, and over top, I layered a fuzzy brown cardigan that I cut up from another one of my hand me downs. 
Scarf-eBay|Cardigan-DIY|Sweater-Vintage|Skirt-Forever 21|Boots-Thrift

If you live in the path of this winter storm, be careful and stay warm and safe. Snow is pretty, and it's dangerous.

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  1. OMG the snow is LITERALLY being dumped on you. Aw you're so cute with your red lip :) Love how you layer things!


  2. cute style! I've followed your blog and on chictopia :)


  3. This is amazing outfit and the photos are beautiful.



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