January Wishlist

Thursday, January 02, 2014

January Wishlist--Winter Accessories

January Wishlist--Jumpers galore

January Wishlist--Skater Everything

January Wishlist--Tights

This month's wishlist may be inspires by the fact that it's in the single digits outside and my little fingers are frozen, but I'm really in the mood/need for some more winter clothes.

 I really do need more jumpers/sweaters, some with actual warmth, and I also need more cardigans, for places that are too warm for coats, but not warm enough for no outerwear (work).  And, as always, I'm looking for some perfect dresses, skater skirts and pleated skirts.

 And, since my tight collection is dwindling, thanks to washing machines, I must stock back up. I'm thinking dark neutrals and deep reds. Those are good year round, right?

What are you lusting for this month?


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      I have a crapton of scarves, but most of them are chiffon and light.


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