Winter Essentials: Sweaters/Jumpers

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Winter Essentials Sweaters

Sweaters and jumpers are an absolute must have in winter. Nothing beats the snuggly warm sweater on a bone chillingly cold day. 

These are some of my favorite ways to wear sweaters. I am a dress and skirt kind of gal, so I do tend to wear them with tights, but I did include some options with pants. I hope they inspire you to wear sweaters in different ways!

Sweaters 3
I love the look of a long, asymmetrical tee under a sweater. It's a playful look that keeps you extra warm. I kept the look very casual with high waist jeans and a beanie, and added a tiny bit f masculinity with combat boots.

Sweater 1
Cat dresses are adorable, and because the winter months tend to be incredibly cold, I paired the dress with a vibrant red sweater. The skirt of the car dress will peek out from under the sweater, creating a cute outfit.

Sweaters 2
I'm not a huge fan of printed sweaters, but this minimalistic heart sweater is adorable. I love pairing sweaters with collared tops, because it's a cute way to layer. I paired it with a complementary skirt in a deep red and topped it off with tights and matching oxfords.

Sweater 4
I lack a white or cream sweater in my wardrobe and I desperately need one. Because white is such a plain color, I paired the sweater with some gingham leggings and black loafers. A comfy outfit for grocery shopping or just general relaxing.

Sweater 5
I envy those who have warm winters. This outfit is for you, Californians and Floridians. I paired the sweater with leggings (for a but of actual warmth) and high waisted shorts and a cardigan. It's warm, but it isn't going to cause you to sweat.

Sweater 6
This sweater has an ornate looking pattern, so I tried to enhance that by  paring it with neutral colors. I paired it with a black skater skirt and a camel infinity scarf.

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