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Wednesday, February 05, 2014

It snowed. Again.
Which is partly the reason why I'm inside, in my video game decorated room. 
If you were ever wondering what the posters were in the corner of my indoor photos, they're Pokemon Black and White.

I always complain about snow, but even I admit that it's gorgeous. I mean, who knew that frozen water falling from the sky could look so pristine and fluffy?
But, snow isn't fin when you're cleaning off your car, to trying to get out of a parking space/driveway, and it's especially not fun to drive in. Not one bit. So, that's why I'm inside today, because as I was walking to the car, I slipped on some ice and landed face first into an 8" pile of snow. I'm obviously fine, but I'm maybe scarred for life. 
This white dress may be one of my favorite thrifted items ever. I thrifted it in late summer, and it's such a boho piece. I remember seeing it at Urban Outfitters a while ago, and I really wanted it. So, when I saw it at Goodwill in my size, I bought it faster than anyone could imagine. It's definitely a summer dress; I can see someone wearing this to a music festival. But, regardless of the season, it's gorgeous.
Originally, I was just wearing this dress on it's own, but it started to snow again, so I decided it would be better to put on a sweater over top to keep warm. 
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  1. gorgeous dress, what an awesome find!

  2. Love that you made a summer dress totally wearable in colder weather! The whole outfit is adorable. :)



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