Tuesday, June 03, 2014

A little while back, Firmoo contacted me and asked me if I'd be interested in receiving a pair of glasses to review. As a prescription glasses wearer, and a lover of Firmoo, I gladly said yes.

After many hours of looking, I decided on this pair, the DBSN68016. I like the thick rims and the inside design. I also like how it's a departure from my current pair.

The first thing to know about Firmoo is that they're based in a different country, so the shipping times vary. I ordered this pair on May 22nd and I received them on June 2nd . I got mine in a timely manner but I have ordered in the past and have waited longer. It truly varies.

Firmoo ships in regular, bubble envelopes, so they'll fit in mailboxes. It's great, because you don't have to be home when USPS delivers it.

Inside the envelope is 2 things; a carrying case and a drawstring bag. The drawstring bag has your invoice and a small screwdriver for future tightenings you may need.

The first thing I noticed about the packaging was the adorable case it came in. My other ones are black, so to have one like this is a great addition. I love that Firmoo includes a portable screwdriver and cleaning cloth-- it's a great touch that other companies should consider.


When you open the glasses case, the pair will be lens down, with a cloth covering them. The cloth is used to clean the glasses and and is quite soft.

My glasses are the DBSN68016, but this color is no longer available. The arms of the glasses are white, and the inside design is that of skulls, and signs that say "out" and "mail order label". I don't quite get the design, but I like that it's different. They're anti radiation, anti scratch, and have UV protection. They're also anti reflective, so I don't get that weird glare when in lighted rooms, which is an added bonus.

My current glasses are a bit lopsided and taped up, so this new pair is just perfect!

If you're looking for an affordable eyeglass company and don't want to get off the couch, Firmoo is for you. They have fast shipping, they accept PayPal, and they have a virtual try-on tool. They also have hundreds of frames, and carry designer brands.

Also,  you can get your first pair free with Firmoo with the coupon code "firmoofree".

Do you wear glasses? Let me know down below!

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  1. Hi Katie!!! For me this glasses are really beautiful. Compliments for your choice!!! Kisses,


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