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Tuesday, August 05, 2014

How I Style: Black High Waist Shorts

The hottest part of summer is upon us and shorts are a must. Black is a departure from the normal blue shades of shorts, but black has been dominating the blogging scene as of late!
Black high waist shorts can be tricky to style because they're casual, but they also fit high on the body, so they're award for those whose wardrobes are geared around clothes fitting around the hips.

But, fear not! I am here to help you with some of my personal stylings.

Girly and Grunge

An obvious way to wear black high waist shorts is by playing with their texture. I chose a pair of more sunwashed, rolled up, noticeably worn pair, so I wanted to make it a more casual look.

In the first outfit, I paired the shorts with a cropped striped tee and a utility jacket. It's a casual 90s throwback. I love the look of high waist shorts and crop tops--that little peek of skin is so lovely. And, the utility adds some dimension and color to an otherwise neutral outfit. To add to the 90s vibe, I added a daisy choker and black Doc Martens.

Another way to style the shorts is to juxtapose. These shorts are black and worn, so I wanted to make them dressier. I channeled some Instagrammers and paired the shorts with a light pink chiffon collared blouse and some thigh high socks and some buckled ankle boots. I kept the top being the center of attention with the color by keeping the rest of the outfit one color. By wearing black tights or thigh highs and black boots, it elongates your legs and creates the allusion that you're taller.


Since black is a neutral color, it tends to go well with other neutral or like colors. I styled the shorts with a plain white tee and some classic off white high-top Converse. This is the most casual of casual outfits, but it's not dumpy or too casual.

Pale pink isn't a neutral but it mimics the look of one. I paired the shorts with a pale pink ruffle tank and a lace cardigan with some ruffle socks and clear ankle boots.

With Classier


And, these looks work with a pair of classier black shorts, as well.

As always, these are just my stylings, and there are plenty of other ways to style these shorts.
The possibilities are endless with these neutral shorts!
Is there a trend you want me to style? A color? Let me know down below and I'll credit you for the recommendation!

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