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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Katie is in pants. I repeat, Katie is in pants.

I'm always in neutrals. I mean, it is no secret that I love me some neutrals and that they're my favorite. But, color is never bad.

Hat--Thrift//Crochet Top--Thrift//Jeans--Forever 21//Boots--Target

I love mustard yellow. It's so vibrant. I picked up this crochet top a couple days ago during my recent thrifting adventure for a whopping $1.50. I love it because of the detail. JUST LOOK AT IT!
I'm such a sucker for crochet details.

Also, I'm in jeans. I rarely wear jeans. I own some, yeah, but I would rather reach for a skirt than a pair of jeans. But, I wanted show off the crochet scalloped hem of this top, so high rise jeans were a must. I must say, I'm a believer in Forever 21's plus size jeans. I'm a size 16, and jeans, especially high rise ones, don't ever fit right. So, these are refreshing because they tuck the tummy, raise the booty and they're less than $10, so that's fantastic.

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