Monday, September 01, 2014

Fall is finally upon us! Meteorological fall, that is. Soon, the days will get shorter, the nights longer and the air cooler. Leaves will fall, pumpkin will be in season and everyone will eat candy.
Fall is the best season.

My Fall Essentials1) Leggings // 2) Coated Pants // 3) Oversized Sweaters // 4) Chunky Scarves 
5) Big Hats // 6) Over the Knee Boots // 7) Peacoats // 8) Warm Cardigans

In my latest shopping trips, I've been stocking up on leggings and sweaters. It's getting chilly here (finally) and these make for the perfect casual yet put together looks. You can find them literally anywhere, but I prefer to get my leggings from either Target or Charlotte Russe. For oversized sweaters, I love H&M.
In August, I thrifted a pair of over-the-knee boots and I love them and I'm excited to wear them this fall! Mine are I can't wait to pear them with peacoats, chunky scarves and coated pants. I love my black peacoat from Gap. For chunky scarves, I strongly recommend checking out sellers on Etsy and StorEnvy for handmade knitted scarves because they're warmer (and more unique) than any department store. However, H&M and Forever 21 have good and cheap scarves. Coated pants are one of my favorite fall essentials because they're heavier than normal pants, and they're more substantial, so they're warmer and more resilient to the elements. You can find great quality coated pants at Nordstrom! As for warm cardigans, I would recommend Boohoo, because they have such a collection of heavier cardigans that will keep you warm!

Where do you shop for your fall essentials? What are your fall essentials?

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  1. sooo love #8!!! nothing is better than curling up in a knit... I followed you on GFC and would sooo love if you would follow me back!


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