Saturday, October 04, 2014

What an original and not vague title at all!

Anorak--Thrift//Top--Thrift//Skirt--Wet Seal//Tights--H&;M//Boots--Target

It is actually cold out. It's a whopping 46 and that is just Indiana epitomized. It's all good, though. It smells and feels like fall out, and October brought the first rain we've seen all Autumn. Too bad it's still raining at the moment, other wise you'd see the gorgeous orange leaves that are slowly turning outside.

This anorak is just perfection. I would rather live without the studded pocket, but it ads character (and I'm too lazy to remove them). I love to use olive green as a neutral, and pair it with richer colors, like burgundy. Burgundy/wine/oxblood are my fall colors. It's inevitable--they dominate my thoughts at the moment. Such pretty, rich colors.

Also, that random bump under my skirt? Yeah, that's my blouse not cooperating. Oh the joy.

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