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Monday, October 20, 2014

The trees are so pretty now, especially on this road.


This is the road that leads to my apartment complex, and it's utterly gorgeous during the various seasons. This is the first time I've shot here and I want to make it my permanent shooting place. It would be more perfect if there weren't a constant stream of cars.

If it looks like I'm trying to keep the hat on my head, I am. The wind is ferocious today, and the only trick to keeping a light, floppy hat on your head is to hold it there yourself. I wish I had more orange clothing. Orange is not my color, at all, but it's so pretty in the fall, and it matches the leaves and trees well. I thrifted it, along with the skirt, a couple weeks ago, and I finally got to wear them together. I bet you're all sick of seeing this cardigan but it's the most perfect length and I love it. Totally not promising to stop wearing it, but I promise to stop talking about it. ;)

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  1. That skirt is so pretty and I love your hat!



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