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Sunday, November 16, 2014

The first snow of the season is falling from the sky as I type this.

Blouse--Vinted//Sweater--Thrift//Skirt--Wet Seal//Flats--Vinted
It's not truly the first snow--it did snow on Halloween, but this is the first real, stick to the ground, accumulating snow. 
I have always loved snow. Growing up in Florida I never really got to experience it. I grew an appreciation for it, one that my parents tried to shake out of me, and I see why now. Snow is terrible. I appreciate snow less now that I live in a state that gets too much of it, but's pretty nonetheless. For now at least. It's just dangerous. A light dusting an cause cars to hydroplane and veer off the sides of roads. More than an inch and it's almost like the end of the world (according to those who shop).
My blouse has ice cream on it--intentionally! I thought the the ice motif would match the ice outside. It's super cute. The blouse itself has an open back, but that's easily transitioned into the colder months with a cami and a sweater layered over top. 

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