#LovePreLoved: The Secondhand Movement

Monday, November 03, 2014

Vinted has launched a campaign, #LovePreloved, a movement to spread the love and idea behind buying secondhand, and to dispel the myths around it. I'm happy to be apart of this campaign and to spread the word and love about preloved and secondhand clothing!

I am a secondhand lover. Not only is buying secondhand cheaper, it also breathes new life into old garments. I almost exclusively buy secondhand.

The number one thing that people ask me about my shopping is "why?"
Why do you shop secondhand?

I shop secondhand for a multitude of reasons!

I come from a large immediate family with parents in the low middle class region. I'm number 4 out of 5--I grew up and lived on hand me downs--so, I've always been rocking preloved clothes. I don't really know what brand new, not worn before, feels like. When you come from a lower class household, the last thing that is on your mind is the newness of an item, but rather, the longevity. It feels weird and I suffer buyer's remorse when I spend money on full price clothing because it's just wrong to me.

Buying secondhand brings a new life to an old garment. Too many clothing pieces are thrown out unjustly, and it's saddening. Clothes can last a long long time if you take care of them, and you can so easily extend the life of a piece simply buy buying it from a thrift store, a vintage dealer, consignment shop, or selling app.


My favorite secondhand item has to be my anorak. You've all seen it, I practically live in the thing. I found it stuffed between maxi skirts in a local thrift store, and it was screaming my name. We've been inseparable ever since.

Though you will never see me list this item for sale, I do sell my preloved items on Vinted. As a plus sized gal, I think there is an importance to having access to fashionable, secondhand items, and I'm happy to be contributing to that. I love selling on Vinted, and selling my preloved items in general, because of this.

Do you shop secondhand? What are your favorite preloved items?


  1. I love Vinted, it launched in the UK this year and I've been swapping online and in swap events for years. I can't buy things in a high street shop anymore unless it's under £10. Now I buy off vinted or only buy something special online, like a repro vintage dress and some I got second hand on Vinted. At the moment I'm so strapped for cash that I've not bought anything from a high street shop this year. I'm so used to swapping, I can barely pay for anything anymore, as stingy as that sounds. I pay £10 to go to 3 swap events a month and then I get unlimited clothes, shoes and accessories. Better than a charity shop. And I can easily swap it back in an event if I don't wear it much. Second hand clothing is just brilliant


  2. im obsessed with Vinted. I LOVE buying second hand. SOOO im obsessed with vintage Dooney & Bourke, look for them on ebay, vinted, PM, goodwill, etc. The other day I just decided to pop on over to the local goodwill store (even though i wasnt 100% up to going that day) and right as im about to leave, i stop and glance at the "name brand" case. i look at some sunnies and as i look up, i see the back of what looks like a vintage Dooney. i run over to the other side of the case and there it is!!! for $15 freakin dollars!!! bought it on the spot and to my surprise i got a 15% discount because it was "student" discount day. I got a mint condition (25 year old bag) retailing anywhere from $200-400, for a wopping $13.52. I also went to the goodwill outlet (where they sell by the pound) and got a bunch of designer items for fall there (juicy, vera wang, rabbit fur cardigan, etc) all for $5.75. THIS IS WHY I LOVE SECOND HAND!!!


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