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Sunday, December 07, 2014

How I Style Scarves

Scarves are easy--throw 'em on and you're instantly warm.
But, sometimes there is a certain science to them.

Chunky Infinity

My favorite type of scarves are the huge knit infinity scarves. Throw them over your head and wrap a few times and you're neck and chest are warm under a layer of knit. They are PERFECTION in the brutal brisk winter air. But, they really can add too much volume to an outfit.
When wearing the behemoth of scarves, you want to make sure that your pure, unadulterated (under the coat) outfit is close to the body or not too thick. 
To make it the center of attention, you can throw it over a cropped jumper and high waist jean combo. The two pieces are close to the body, so there isn't anything vying for the volume,

If you're using it for more of an accessory, try pairing it with a bright or colorful dress. I paired this dress with sweater tights and over the knee boots for warmth, and allowed the scarf to be more of a complimentary piece.

Drape Scarf

For the normal drape type scarves, I love mixing prints and texture. For a more casual outfit, I throw a drapey scarf over top a printed tee, more than likely a striped one, and would pair that with some slouchy boyfriend jeans, for a casual yet put together look. The Doc's and beanie add a bit of edge, but over all, it's a pretty casual and warm outfit when a coat is added.
With a more dressy outfit, I love pairing drapey scarves with prints with some sort of dimension. I somewhat color coordinated the scarf with a plaid skirt and collared blouse combo. And, to take away from the school girl, I added some chunky ankle boots.


For tartan scarves, I love love love making them the statement piece. Tartan is such a bold yet classic print and it deserves it's own voice. I find that the red of tartan goes perfectly with white and black, but it goes well with an array of other colors, as well. For the casual look, a basic white cable knit sweater with faux leather leggings are a cute juxtaposition and the scarf adds the perfect touch of class. This is one of those outfits that come together when a coat is added.

Throwing a tartan scarf onto a Parisian inspired outfit seems silly, but the colors on the scarf pop and make the outfit come together. 

Leopard Scarf
I don't consider leopard print to be a winter print, but it's easy to style in the winter. The browns in the scarf can act as neutrals and they can be paired with almost anything. For the more casual outfit, I paired the scarf with some khaki skinnies and a knit top. The scarf adds a bit of femininity to an otherwise androgynous outfit.

A known fact is that shades of reds and shades of browns are a great combination. The browns in the scarf compliment the red tones in the skirt, making an interesting, yet complimentary outfit. 
Of course, this is how I style these pieces, but these aren't the only ways! Style is unique and individual.

How would you style a scarf for the colder months?

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