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Monday, January 26, 2015

I don't know how to wear colors.

Cardigan--Thrift//Scarf--Forever 21//Blouse--Thrift

I've been trying to wear more flats and less boots. That's almost sacrilegious to me--boots are my life. But, I miss seeing the tops of my feet, as weird as that sounds. So, I have began to wear my oxfords more, and I have been accumulating loafers. This pair is from Target and they're so comfortable.
My boyfriend says they look like Hostess cupcakes, and though the embroidery is supposed to look like a gold chain, it does come off a little cupcakey.

In other news, the news hyped up this winter to be terrible, yet, it's been pretty mild so far. The majority of this month has had higher than average temperatures. Sure, we have had some ice and a little snow, but this is not nearly as bad as last year. It snowed again last night and of course, people freaked out. We live in the Midwest, in a state that is known for getting snow, and yet every single time it snows, people act like it's never happened before.

Song of the Moment: The Scientist by Coldplay

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  1. gotta love an outfit of neutral and I'm loving the detail on the loafers!



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