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Saturday, January 03, 2015

Black is a winter color, right?


Hat--Forever 21//Scarf--eBay//Cardigan--Thrift//Blouse--Thrift
Pants--Target//Loafers--c/o Vinted

I love loafers. I know that that's not common knowledge since I'm always sporting boots, but I really adore loafers. Recently, Vinted, a secondhand selling app and website I blog for (and use!), gifted me these leopard loafers I mentioned in my Vinted Wishlist post a month or so ago. It was so thoughtful and surprising!

In other news, it's incredibly dreary outside. It's raining and cloudy, and though these photos were taken barely after 1 PM, I still had to turn on additional lights to take decent photos. The pains of living in the Midwest. :)
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