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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Duster--Kohls//Dress--Kohls//Socks--Steve Madden//Boots--Vinted
I have never stepped into a Kohls before. Not before yesterday, that is. Department stores aren't really my thing, they tend to cater towards a different style, and that's okay, it's just not me. But, I did enter one and immediately fell in love with this dress and this duster. The receipt says this dress is actually a tank, but to me, it's a dress. It has a Brandy Melville look with a Katie Lee price, and I'm down with that. These items scream summer, and though I got them in a seasonless neutral scheme, it still makes me long for warm sun and even warmer temperatures.

And yes, there is a permanent Starfleet insignia on my left wrist. There's a blog post coming up about my birthday and my tattoo.
Song of the Moment: Australia by The Shins


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