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Sunday, March 29, 2015

When it comes to make up, I'm a brows, eyelash, cheeks person. But, recently, I've been dabbling in other make up and some of that make up has found it's way into my carry everywhere, can't-leave-home-without-it, make up bag.

Not only is it in the shape of a rose, it's highly pigmented and creamy. It's such a lovely color and it has become my go to blush.

I used to dislike baked blushes because I wanted a matte, porless face, and baked blushes were too glittery and shimmery for my taste. Now that I favor a dewier, more highlighted face, this blush is the perfect blush. I like to layer this lightly over Milani's Tea Rose for a subtle highlight. It's the perfect combination between blush and highlight without beign too pigmented or too shimmery. 

I used to walk past this brand all the time in favor of other brands, but I recently picked up this mascara and I think I found my holy grail. It has the same effects I've found in high end mascaras for a $5 price tag. It doesn't flake, stays all day despite not being waterproof, and has a nice shape to it, so it's easy to pop in the make up bag.

I don't have dark circles, but the veins under my eyes are very blue, so a nice under eye correcting concealer is great for having a flawless face with little make up needed.

Though it's too dark to be an honest concealer for me, I find it's perfect for adding a touch of glow under my eyes and under my brows. Also, it has gorgeous packaging and it just makes my make up bag look more cute.

NYX has never been a brand I've beven keen on. Their lipsticks are great and they have a nice concealer pot, but the foundation has never worked for me. But, I decided to try out the powder foundation a while back and it's perfect. It's a nice powder foundation that you can apply with a nice brush for a flawless face, or you can apply with a sponge for fuller coverage. It's great on it's own, or as a setting powder on liquid foundations. Whenever I feel like I need more coverage than usual, this is my go to. 

Real Techniques Powder Brush  and Vinted Compact Mirror c/o Vinted

I recently found a drugstore that carries Real Techniques and snatched up this big fluffy powder brush. I have other powder brushes from ELF and Coastal Scents, but this one is the best I've had so far. Soft, dense and huge, what I love in a make up brush.
The mirror is a convenient gift from Vinted, and it features two mirrors, one standard and one amplified so I can see what I'm doing regardless. 
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