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Monday, June 29, 2015

Today. I have a vlog and a photo dump from my experience at Indy Pop Con.

This was not my first con--I've been to many before. But, this was the first one that people of importance to me were attending. It's not hard to realize that I'm a child of the internet; a nerdy nerd who loves pop culture and video games. I mean, I have a Star Trek tattoo, so it's only natural to make the accurate assumption that I'm completely out of my mind.

This convention was supposed to a small, more intimate con, but it ended up being a lot more popular than anyone expected. It was a lot of waiting, and you can read about my experiencing getting a photo with Markiplier here. But, all around, it was a great convention, and I even managed to score some Captain Marvel comics that I've been wanting.
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