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Sunday, August 09, 2015

Mustard yellow life.


Admission: I love the lines from sun beams through blinds. It's so...pretty.

I'm like a cat, who just sits in the sun beams and refuses to move.
Though it's not too terribly warm or cold out, I decided I'd chuck on a cardigan, and this mustard cardigan is to DIE for. I bought this a long time ago at Target, and I truly believe that they make the best low cost cardigans. They can last a long time if you're careful, and they come in so many colors. All of my normal length cardigans are Target. I have a problem.

Summers end is approaching fast, and I just cannot wait to bust out some scarves. It's killing me to look at all the beautiful prints and textures and then not being able to wear them.
Soon. Soon.
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