Hats for All? Hats for Fall!

Monday, September 28, 2015

I'm a lover of hats. Is this a known fact? If not, well, now you know!
I am borderline obsessed with having something on the top of my noggin, be it head chains, head scarves or a good ol' hat.

Fall is the hat season. And, now that it is officially fall, it's time to break out the hats and bask in their glory.

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When I think of fall, I think of the color maroon, boots and wide brim hats. Blame it on the huge 70s trend that has taken over the last couple of years, or maybe it's my time working in retail, but big hats are here and big hats are here to stay. 

This is the kind of hat I think of when I think of the fall. This hat, on top of a fall outfit, just screams the season, and that's why it's such a fall hat. It protects your face from the sun, it hides a bad hair day, and they look good on anyone. It's total win for all parties.

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Bowler hats sit closer to the head and take any outfit from boring to interesting.
I love adding bowler hats with an inherent feminine look to bring in some sort of manly dapper look. Paired with some sort of textured hair, this hat is the easiest to style!

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Want the perfect hat to hide greasy roots? Beanies.
Want to make any outfit casual and chill? Beanies.
Beanies? Beanies. Be it the crocheted, open knit or otherwise, are the essential fall hat. They keep your head warm, they add volume to your head and they come in every variation of colors and styles ever. 

What's your favorite hat? 

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