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Thursday, September 03, 2015

Summer is ending. Though it's still like, 90 degrees out and terrible, the end is nigh! This is the last hurrah.

Hat--Vinted // Top--H & M // Skirt--Handmade // Sandals--Meijer

Yes, it's true, Summer is on it's last leg of the year. It's bittersweet, isn't it?
I'm not a summer kind of girl, admittedly, because I don't fair well in hot weather, but I've grown an admiration for it. I mean, how can you not? The warm sunlight, the fireflies, the long days--I'm going to miss them.
But, summer can take back their bugs. Like the abnormally large wasp that likes to guard the laundry room (sorry bro, I didn't mean to interrupt your inhaling of fabric softener) and the cicadas that will. not. stop.

This skirt has been in my closet for a long long time. My mom made it for herself, however, she's shorter than I am and this engulfs her. So, she gave it to me when I was a teenager and I break it out sometimes. It's cute in the fall with all the colors, but, you can totally wear it in late summer by adding more summery accessories, like sandals, or a floppy hat.

I paired this skirt with a H&M Basics black crop top. Super simple and super cute for a hotter than hell day. I topped off the look with a floppy brown hat and some sandals, and with added touch of melting off eyeliner. Which, ya know, is a summer staple.

Oh summer, stay classy.

Are you going to miss summer?
What's your token item that can transition form season to season?


  1. I agree, I hate the extreme heat and humidity of summer but the days full of light and atmosphere is just perfect. I can't dress for summer though. I'm too happy with tights



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