OUTFIT | Leather on Leather (Bad Babe)

Monday, October 19, 2015

Does leather on leather create the same gasp of disapproval; that denim on denim does?

Hat--Forever 21//Jacket--Vinted//Top--Target
Skirt--Forever 21//Socks--Sock Dreams//Boots--Thrift
Photos by Tony
I paired faux- leather with faux-leather and I feel iffy about it. Yeah, it looks okay, like I'm in a biker gang (which is totally cool), but then it looks odd because it's the same texture and there's a lack of interest. But hey, I look like a bad babe, so that's pretty cool.

Want to know a secret about this shoot? I was in so much pain. Word to the wise: your first meal of the day shouldn't be at 3 PM after work, and it shouldn't be sushi. Another secret: there were two groups of ducks quacking at each other behind me and I was so intrigued. I think they were in the same raft/team/paddling of ducks but maybe they were having a territory war, which would make this look all too fitting.

My boyfriend, who takes all of my outside photos, wants me to credit him. But, he has nothing to credit, so I made him a Flickr. Though, for the record, I fix the settings for him and I edit the photos and he composes the photos and takes the shots; it's a partnership!


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