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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

How I Style Plaid for the Autumn/Winter Season | #style #fashion #fatshion

How I Style Plaid for the Autumn/Winter Season | #style #fashion #fatshion

The winter season is approaching and approaching fast! Plaid is a staple print in the autumn/winter season, but it can be a stickler to style. Keep reading for how I style plaid for autumn and winter!

A few years ago, I wrote a post about how to style plaid for the autumn and it is one of my most popular posts to date. That post went in to detail about what plaid is, the most popular types, and how to wear them. This is it's spiritual sequel, a resurrection of sorts, and, in this post, I'm going to show you 3 ways that I style the wondrous fall textile that is plaid.

As an Accessory

How I Style Plaid for the Autumn/Winter Season | #style #fashion #fatshion

Scarf--eBay | Top--Thrift | Skirt--Forever 21 | Socks--Steve Madden | Boots--Vinted

By far the easiest way to style plaid is as an accessory. Plaid is big, bold and can go wrong so fast, so it's almost foolproof to use it in an accessory, like with this scarf.
When using it in an accessory, you want to incorporate it in some way that makes it look purposeful and makes the outfit cohesive, not like you just chucked it on. A great way to add plaid into an outfit is to color match, like I did here. This plaid blanket scarf has a lot of this taupey brown color in it that I matched to my boots, which also balances the look out by having similar colors on both the top and the feet. It also has a pale blue in it that is brought out by the blue in the skirt.

As the Main Focus

How I Style Plaid for the Autumn/Winter Season | #style #fashion #fatshion
Hat--Forever 21 | Blouse--Forever 21 | Skirt--Vinted | Boots--Target

With plaid as the main show, keep things subtle and subdued, as I did in this look. The bold plaid skirt stands on it's own and practically beams. The white helps to make the red and black in the skirt pop! This skirt says two things to me: Christmas and Little House on the Prairie. I went down the latter route and paired it with a feminine blouse and a wide brim hat, with short ankle boots.

As an Afterthought
How I Style Plaid for the Autumn/Winter Season | #style #fashion #fatshion
Scarf--Target | Jacket--Vinted | Sweater--Thrift | Shorts-- Vinted | Flannel--Meijer
Socks--Steve Madden | Boots--Vinted

You know those ultra fashionably disheveled people you see that litter the street style blogs? I like to think that they use prints, such as plaid, as an afterthought. They didn't create the outfit to have plaid on it, but damn it, they pulled it off well. I created an outfit that I wouldn't wear plaid in and threw plaid into it, creating a winter time grunge outfit unexpectedly. Which I dig, a lot.

These are just three of the many, many ways that I wear plaid. Plaid is such a cool textile and print and it is perfect for the Autumn and Winter seasons.

How do you style plaid? 


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  2. I love all three outfits! Plaid really has a special place in my heart! :)


  3. That is lovely!!! Plaids are soooo festive and I cant wait to try the last way of styling plaid.



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