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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Casual day in long layers!

Scarf--Forever 21
Boots--Forever 21

This is one of my only outfits of just pure full price retail items.
It feels weird and slightly odd to wear things that I am the first owner of. I'm used to buying pre-loved items so I feel like I'm cheating on my thrifted and pre-owned items. Don't worry babies, I still love you.

My anniversary with my boyfriend (4 years!) was earlier this month and he surprised me with a small shopping trip and these items from the always lovely but infamous Forever 21.

Let's talk about Forever 21.
They have a decently priced, stocked and actually cute, plus size section. And, their standard straight sections are full of hidden, affordable gems. And, they have a stylish men's section. Forever 21 is both an underrated and overrated store at the same time. You can find similar items from UO and AA sometimes in Forever 21.
Buuuut, Forever 21 is a part of the fast fashion problem and though I hate buying into that and supporting pretty terrible pay and work conditions for those who create the items in the stores, it's almost impossible to escape fast fashion if you aren't a little more well off with money. Fast fashion is usually priced cheap, which appeals to those who are shopping on a budget. Made in the USA, or companies that are ethical in their work practices, are usually pretty expensive and not inclusive of all body types. It's a sucky cycle. Which is why I feel more comfortable with thrifting items from fast fashion because then I'm not supporting those work practices directly, I'm supporting a non-profit thrift store or a locally owned consignment shop who happens to have fast fashion items.
If you shop fast fashion, just be weary of the companies. I know we all don't have money to buy American Apparel or ModCloth or Nordstrom's. I sure don't.


  1. Such a cute outfit! I love to top so much - but even with that nice scarf you still look cold in these pictures!

    1. I was pretty warm, the wind was vicious, though!
      Katie | katielikeme.com

  2. The reason why I mainly shop at charity shops and swap my clothes is because it's economic, I really have almost no money to get new things for almost all of my life but for the past few years I've realised that I can be ethical in being a second hand consumer (which makes me feel less guilty about the amount of things I get, especially as I wear everything I get all the time which I think is worth it)

    1. I understand about the economics--most of my money goes to housing and food. I never really thought about the ethics of shopping malls and consumerism until I started working in retail and it puts a bad taste in my mouth that it will take years until I can break free from the cycle of buying into it. Until then, I'm a hypocrite who speaks about the hell of fast fashion but still buys it.

      Katie | katielikeme.com


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