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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Autumn Essentials | ft betabrand autumn essentials, fall fashion

Oh Autumn, I love you. If it wasn't evident before, I am a big fan of the colder months. I'm a winter baby with an affinity for fall colors and I wouldn't change that for the world. Since it's mid-October and Autumn has wiggled it's way comfortably into season, it's time to share the seasonal essentials wishlist!

1) Blanket Scarves
Oh my goodness, blanket scarves are the coziest, warmest, most transitional item for Autumn--make them a shawl, use them as a poncho, or just use them as a scarf--and they add drama and warmth to every outfit.

2) Thick Sweaters
An essential for any cold time, cozy thick sweaters are perfect in the fall. Tossed on top of a dress or tucked into jeans, thick sweaters in every color are always on my mind.

3) Long sleeve dresses
Dresses are an essential for every season, honestly, and some with sleeves are the obvious choice for the colder months. I'm eyeing this gorgeous one from ASOS.

4) Thick shorts
Not as long lasting as the other things on this list, but thick shorts are an essential for me. Paired over tights with a duster cardigan is a lovely autumn outfit. These from H&M are perfect!

5) Jeans
Leg coverings are pretty essential for Autumn, and I love ones that fit me well. Girlfriend jeans are a new addition to my wardrobe and my goodness, paired with a loose tee, they give an effortless, chic, model off duty look, which I so desperately wish I could pull off. And, in the times that I want to look a little more put together, I swap real jeans out for faux jeans, like jeggings, or yoga pants (!) made to look like jeans. I'm lusting for these from Betabrand, and you can check out their collection of comfy and professional looking pants here.

6) Hats
No surprise here, hats are a huge essential of mine in every season, fall no exclusion. Do I need more hats? No. But do I want more hats? Absolutely. This one from Nordstrom is the best mix of dramatic and colorful. much like me!

What are you lusting over this season?

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  1. SO CUTE! Love the post Katie!
    Thick sweaters are especially my things!!! I am not one for the cold!


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