28 August 2014

26 August 2014

Autumn Inspo

Though the AC is blaring and the sun is burning, my fall fashion cravings have are full throttle.
Because I can't very well dress in jumpers and tights in 90+ weather, I've been channeling my early love through Polyvore and it's only making it worse.

Only 28 more days.

21 August 2014

You Will Live Forever

Katie is in pants. I repeat, Katie is in pants.

I'm always in neutrals. I mean, it is no secret that I love me some neutrals and that they're my favorite. But, color is never bad.

20 August 2014


My boyfriend and I are the types of people who don't take really take pictures. Which is ironic, because this blog is a glorified collection of my selfies.

But, we decided to finally take pictures together! We've been together for 3 years, and we only have a few pictures together.

Katie's wearing: Dress--Thrift//Belt--Thrift//Socks--SockDreams//Boots--Thrift

Tony's Wearing: Tee--Target//Jeans--Target//Sandals--Laos