OUTFIT | Thanksgiving 2015

Lots of people spring for the loose-but-chic Thanksgiving outfit.
I'm not one of those people.

OUTFIT | Stay Warm

Bitter winds and faux leather--be still my heart.

HOME | Decorating a Small Space for the Holidays

3 Ways to Decorate Small Spaces for the Holidays | as post on #decor #home

I live in a studio apartment, which is far from large. It's perfect for us but it's not really conducive for decorating for the Holidays. Since this is the first year that we've had our own place sans a roommate, we decided we wanted to be festive!

But, how can you be festive in a small, rented, apartment?

OUTFIT | Long Layers

Casual day in long layers!

HOME | Washi Tape Decor

When you're a renter, it's pretty hard to decorate without breaking your lease. Washi tape is a great way to spruce up your space. The cool thing about washi tape? It peels off so easily and it doesn't damage walls or peel off paint. It's nearly perfect in every sense for decorating.

There are tons of pins on Pinterest about washi tape and it's wonders and I've been apart of the hype train for quite a while now, and now I'm showing off my washi tape home decor.