Wednesday, June 19, 2013


The first thing I saw when I saw these tennies for $5 at Rue 21 was "that is totally rad". Which fits the 80s/90s throwback that platform tennies are apart of. I plan on studding these because they are quite bland themselves, but I would need the time and attention span to do so first.

I'm relaxing before I start this weeks work week (which is my last work week at my current company. And also pay week) which begins at 5 pm today for me. But, before work I decided to get some omnoms with my boyfriend which involved me getting dolled up. I've been living in dresses and skirts the last few weeks so today is no different. But, I'm wearing tennies for the first time in a long while.

I paired this cute striped dress with my red cardigan which my mom gave me a while back. I mostly reserve it for work when it gets chilly under the AC, but I sometimes wear it out and about. I like this cardigan because it fits well. It has fitted sleeves which are always a plus for me, because cardigans are usually oversized, and though I do love the oversized feeling and look, I prefer my outerwear to be a bit more fitted.

Something depressing happened to me earlier this morning. I realized that all of my tights have holes now. Which, doesn't bother me with outfits like this, but if I'm going for a dignified look, I don't think it's appropriate to have holes in tights. Oh well.

Beanie-eBay|Striped Dress-Thrift|Cardigan-Unknown|Platform Tennies-Rue 21

Have a great day!

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