Sunday, June 30, 2013

Holy floral!

I bought this dress at the thrift store a few days ago because it was hot and I was stuck in my work uniform. So, you know, instead of suffering through 90+ heat, I bought a dress so I wouldn't die.

Today is a lot cooler so I thought I would throw on a cardigan for the constant in-and-out of AC. This purple cardigan is so lovely. I wear it too often for my own good. I just can't help it, I adore long boyfriend cut cardigans. I belted the dress with a contrasting floral print belt to define my waist under the cardigan, and because I love contrasting prints. I threw on my Steve Madden oxfords that I thrifted a long time ago (for $9!) and went out the door. Well, not literally. I lingered through out the house drinking orange juice and then went out the door.

Floral Dress-Thrift|Sunglasses-eBay|Cardigan-Thrift|Belt-Thrift|Oxfords-Thrift

Happy Sunday!


  1. Anonymous6/30/2013

    i wonder, if you wear a floral dress with a floral belt, does that make you 2x more summerlike or does it cancel each other out? these are the questions that haunt me in my sleepxx

    1. You know what, that's a good question.
      I wanna say that the cardigan already cancels out the summer, because I shouldn't be wearing one in late June. So, I just think it adds to it.
      Fashion math, yeah!


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