Sunday, July 07, 2013


Today is such a lovely and lazy Sunday. I have the day off so it's a good day to do laundry, shop online, and starve because there isn't any food in the house and my boyfriend has the car. Well, 2/3 isn't bad.

I can't get enough of these shorts. I love them, and whenever I wear them, I feel like I'm in an American Apparel ad. It makes me want to have more pairs like them. And, the more I wash them, the more they get that worn in look and feel. It's amazing what ginghers and a sewing needle can do to mom jeans.

I paired the shorts with this thrifted Aeropostal tank. It has sequins at the bottom hem and inside the pocket, but I will be removing those because I hate sequins. I like the oversized feel of it, and if I had a clean bandeau, I'd be wearing it with it, because it has large sides that expose my side bra. And, yes my bra is cute, but not cute enough for the population to see. So, a camisole will do for now.

I added my favorite cardigan and added these little black booties to match the belt to bring it all together. It's not that hot out, so the cardigan won't roast me. But, my outfit is decent enough that I don't need the cardigan if it does roast me.


Have a fantastic Sunday!

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