Thursday, July 25, 2013


I thrifted this crop top yesterday and I love it. The style and print is so cute. The only downside is the gaping arm holes, which show off the bra. But, just put a tube top or a bandeau underneath and you're good to go.

I paired the crop top with high waist shorts and added boots for an easy and edgy outfit. This outfit is all about the details, with the rigged edge of the shirt, the ripped holes in the pants, the messy bun and the studs on the boots. Together, they make a cohesive outfit. It's not my usual style, I admit, but when I walked out of my bedroom for something to drink this morning, my mom told me I looked cute. Which isn't something she usually says about these outfits.

Check out my necklace! I made it from things that were lying around the house. I found this charm years ago on the ground and I thought it was cool, and I had this chain from a broken necklace. I just added the charm to chain and now I have a necklace. Easy enough!

Crop Top-Thrift|Shorts-DIY|Boots-Thrift

Have a lovely day!


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