Sunday, July 28, 2013


Pile on.

I get inspired by a lot of things, like food, books and television shows, but I think I'm more inspired by other bloggers. Not the kind of inspired where you buy the same clothes as them, but the kind where it strikes your desire to create a cohesive outfit.
I've seen these chiffon dresses everywhere. I mean, chiffon dresses aren't exactly hard to make or style, so I would expect them to be everywhere. You can layer them under a sweater in the colder months, pair them with a floppy hat for the summer days, or even leave them be and throw on heels for a chic date night.
Since it isn't a cold month (but it is quite cold out), I don't own floppy hats, and heels aren't my style--Lita's excluded--I thought this is a little more me.

I thrifted this dress a few days back and it's so light! I couldn't believe it. I don't wear a lot of chiffon, so I truly underestimated it's weight. It's great for this kind of weather. The weather here is constantly changing from cold to hot and back again, so I can throw on a cardigan or a blazer as it chills, or leave it off. I'm not going to lie, in the 4 days I've had this dress, I've had to fight the urge to wear it constantly. I'm not a real fan of billowy tops, but I like this one. Plus, I can hide it if I need to, just by layering. But, it's too hot to truly layer right now. I can really see myself wearing this dress in all four seasons because it's so transitional. Black is good for any season. Black is every season.

Necklace-DIY|Rings-various (thrifted, boyfriend, inherited)

What was your first Little Black Dress (LBD) like? Share below!

Have a great Sunday!


  1. Such a gorgeous look!!
    Hugs :)


  2. chic fit, love the dress and the bowler hat. and so agree, this dress would transition well into any season. also thank you for following, followed back <3 and looking forward to your next update.


  3. ah, your hat is the cutest and the cutest color! i love your layering of rings, i am always wearing tons of rings.

    lindsey louise


    1. Thanks! I have a grey one, too. I'm thinking of buying them in black, pure red, and brown, too, just because I can wear any outfit with those, haha.

      I love rings, and I haven't gotten to wear a lot recently, so it's so fun to layer them.

      Thanks for your comment, dear!

  4. My first little black dress was one I got a while ago for a party. It is skin tight and had ruffles on the chest, and has buttons. Also it isreally short. But it was for a party. You know what they say: "Never trashy. Just classy but a little bit nasty" I think thats how it goes :)


    1. I feel you!
      I like dresses of any lengths, but I prefer my most basic dresses to be about this length because I do more with them to accessorize.


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