Friday, August 02, 2013

Happy Friday!


Yesterday, I received a huge parcel in the post and in it, it contained all of these goodies from eBay. Though it's not all of what I ordered that day, it's a great deal of it and I was surprised it came that fast and all packaged together. I'm going to create a collective eBay haul when the rest of my items get here, so pretend like I'm not wearing some of this stuff, okay?

My hat obsession started around 13, when the emo phase swept through all of us. I liked those big thick knit berets in all weather. Eventually, as I grew out of that phase, I developed a bigger taste for hats, but I still love those berets, especially in the colder months. I bought this red beret about a year ago, and it was because I was going to cosplay as Hello Kitty, but I procrastinated. But it's still a cute hat, so no harm done.
It's a light hat, so it doesn't add any weight or heat to me in these now late summer months, so that's great!
I paired my grey tank crop top with my pleather skater skirt from Forever 21 and boots. I cannot live without boots.
For accessories (this is the part where you pretend like I'm not wearing them), I'm wearing my new bottle opener necklace and my DIY coin neclace. The bottle opener necklace says "King Beer", which I'm not sure if it's a brand or just an huge Japanese inside joke, but, I think it's funny. I think I'll wear this for my 21st in February and be called King Beer (even though the smell of alcohol is off putting to me).

Now, I wait for date night where we (hopefully) see Pacific Rim and eat a delicious dinner. Have you guys seen Pacific Rim? Is it good? 

Beret- Hot Topic|Top-Thrift|Skirt-Forever 21|Boots-Target
Bottle Opener Necklace-eBay|Coin Necklace-DIY

Enjoy the day!

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  1. You look adorable! I personally love your leather skirt! And your necklace - the kind beer - is so cool!

    Have a lovely day,


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