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Friday, August 02, 2013

If you guys haven't heard about the wonderfully amazing website Heavenly Couture, you're missing out! Heavenly Couture is a discount website where everything is $16 and lower. $16. So apparel, bags, shoes--whatever you desire-- is $16 and lower. That's just amazing. And, with a flat shipping rate, you cannot go wrong.

I'm a shoe person, you all know that, so when I can find shoes for less, I jump on that like no other. So, obviously, another pair of platform booties are a must have for me. I cannot stress my love for oxfords--I won 7 pairs now--they class an outfit up, and they bring in that innocent frolicking through the woods feeling. To me, at least. And, these cutout oxfords are just simply gorgeous.

 I need these guys, you have no idea. Pay day can not come soon enough.

What are your favorite products on Heavenly Couture? Tell me below!

Have a great day!

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