Friday, August 09, 2013

A short outfit for today, it's my 21 month anniversary with my boyfriend, so we're running some errands today and spending the night in.

Also, it started to pour down rain while I was snapping these.

We are so close to two years I can taste it. This is my longest relationship and it came so naturally. For our two year, we're planning on going to California and visiting his good friend. So many exciting things are happening in the latter part of this year. We're moving out in less than a month (hopefully) and that'll be an experience, considering neither of us have lived on out own. But, we're moving in with out good friend so we won't be alone in this.

I love these leggings. I used to be the kind of girl who used to loathe when people would wear leggings as pants, but as I grew older (and began college) I realized how comfortable and stylish it can be. My ideology is that if I cover my bum, it's acceptable. These leggings are versatile and I'm so glad I picked them up from Goodwill a few days ago. I paired them with a lace top and my purple cardigan for a laid back and girly look and added the beret for something interesting up top.

Beret-HotTopic|Cardigan-Thrift|Lace Top-Thrift|Leggings-Thrift|Loafers-Forever 21

Have a great day!


  1. Love your blog! and that lace top is beautiful!
    I've followed your blog! would love it if you could follow back!


    Claire xxx


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