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Monday, October 28, 2013

Hello! Today is a day of unfortunate events...

So, last night, I noticed that Picasa had synced all of my blog photos onto my Galaxy S4, so, I deleted them off my phone.
And, in some weird turn of events, that means they deleted off of Picasa. Which means, all of the photos I have ever uploaded directly to Google were deleted. So, if you look in my archive, yes, some if not most, will appear as little grey minus signs. I'm fixing it, though my attempts may be feeble.

But, enough about my misfortune!

I love this silhouette. It really accentuated my figure and nothing beats that. I love this army jacket, and I've been thinking of ways to wear it more often. It looks great with most outfits and it's a great layering piece.

Today was obviously a messy bun day. I like buns but I don't have the face shape for it, so messy bun days are few and far between. Plus, today was a day of grocery shopping and finding out your blog has been irrecoverably messed up for a day or so. So, yeah, having my hair out of my face was probably a good thing today.

Please bear with me whilst my blog is updated and reverted back to what it once was before I messed up.

Army Jacket-Thrift|Top-Thrift|Skirt-Forever 21|Boots-Target
Lips-Kiss of Life by Rimmel by Kate Moss

Much love,


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    You look so awesome, although your day wasn't the best here...
    much love,



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