How I Style: Autumn/Winter Trends

Friday, November 22, 2013

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There dozens of trends floating around right now that it may seem like it's hard to tell what's trend and what isn't. The biggest trends right now are plaid, thigh high boots, turtle necks, emerald green and a dozen others. 
I chose to style these in skirt form, because they are the most worn use of the trend.
Fall Trends-Leather

I've made a styling post on leather jackets already, but not on skirts. Pleather skirts are perfect, and they add edge to any outfit without looking like you're in an Arctic Monkeys music video. But, hey, that's not bad either. I paired the skirt with a slightly distressed weather and thigh high socks and knee high boots for dimension (adn warmth!) and then added a red scarf and belt to just accentuate the waist and balance texture. 

Fall Trends--Tartan
Plaid is a timeless trend, because no matter what happens, it's going to still be there. Scotland is going to want their tartan, and Catholic schools will still wear their skirts. I like plaid skirts because the school girl trend is never going to be over for me. The plaid skirt with the peter pan collared dress layered under with tights and oxfords just screams school girl. I love looking like I just popped off the train from class. You can check out my previous plaid styling post here.

Fall Trends--Tapestrey

It's my new love. Tapestry reminds me of the telephone chair my grandmother had and I love it. It's kitschy, it's retro and it's so gaudy that it's gorgeous. When I think of tapestry, I think of ornate outfits, and lots of texture. I paired the tapestry skirt with a bow blouse and sweater knee highs, with brown boots, to tie in the many colors in the tapestry. Since tapestry, like plaid, is a busy print, you don't want to fight for attention with it, so I stayed pretty simple with the outfit

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  1. Love them all! Good tips :)


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