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Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Styling can be difficult, especially when it comes to trendy pieces. How to style, also known as how I style, is a chance for me to pick a trend and style it using Polyvore to help you.

Leather jacket season is upon us! Which I love, because leather jackets are an essential piece in my wardrobe. But, leather jackets can be hard to style, given their weight and their shape, plus there are so many different types of jackets that it could be a little overbearing! So, I'm here to help you guys out!

Disclaimer: All of the leather jacket's in these stylings are faux leather, not the real deal. 

I'm going to tackle the two biggest leather jackets on the market: the moto jacket and the bomber jacket.
They look similar, and in the classic black, it's hard to see the defining details.There is two major differences between the jackets:

1. Moto jackets collars stand up on their own, bomber jackets have a full zippable collar.
2. Moto jackets are leather all around, bomber jackets have an elasticized waist to keep it tight. 

With that being said, here are the stylings!
How to Style Leather Jackets--Moto Girly

I opted for the classic black leather jackets and styled around those, but these pieces are easily replaced.

Since moto jackets tend to be more fitted because there is less material, it is easier to wear thinner layers underneath. (Plus, I like to bend my arms, thank you very much.) With this styling, it's more of an early fall outfit (or for those of you in the Southern Hemisphere), where it's cool but not freezing cold. Since this particular moto jacket is black and a bit cropped, I paired it with a high waist oxblood skirt and a flowy crop top. The moto jacket doesn't take away from the femininity of the outfit, but instead adds a tiny bit of edge which enhances the femininity. I chose this specific moto jacket because it's fairly simple, but still has those subtle details with the zippers on the sleeves on the pockets. I paired the leather of the jacket with some ankle booties with cute buckle details.

How to Style Leather Jackets-- Moto Monochrome

Moto jackets add edge to any outfit, even if it's a casual one. This monochrome outfit is great for those casual days. The moto jacket streamlines the outfit, making you appear taller and thinner with the black skinnies. In this outfit, I opted for casual neutral oxfords and a neutral snood to balance it out and to not make it look so bland.
How to Style Leather Jackets--Bomber Feminine

Bomber jackets have a lot more material, so they're more "poofy". You can play with their poofiness by pairing it with a voluminous baby doll dress, like this cream one.  It has a playful silhouette that is romantic, but you also look like you could beat some ass if need be. And, that is always fantastic. 
How to Style Leather Jackets--Bomber Intricate

Or, you could pair it with a more fitted outfit, like this crop top and high waist shorts. Since most leather jackets are black, the colors are all up to you, considering most colors go with black. I'm a huge fan of oxblood/cream and black combination, but you could use a purely brown bomber with this, too! This intricate outfit is very fitted to the body in a flattering way, and the bomber jacket adds texture and edge to it. This bomber jacket is a bit more on the brown side compared to the moto jacket, so it's lends it self to the more neutral and earth tones, though you could totally pair this bomber with the brighter colors and get that coveted juxtaposition. 
Obviously these are my stylings, so if there is something that isn't quite your style, feel free to change it! This is a guide, not a set-in-stone rule book. 

 I hope you all enjoyed my stylings and my advice--feel free to comment down below with any items you'd like to see styled in another "How to Style".

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  1. Anonymous11/06/2013

    lovely post! As a versatile stylista, I love the options a simple leather jacket can propose in the wardrobe!

    XO Sahra
    Que Sera, Sahra


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