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Saturday, January 11, 2014

New year, new accessories from eBay.

I am an eBay addict, and I haven't actually bought anything since September, so I thought I would treat myself to some wholesale made-and-shipped-from-China goodies.

So, in my eBay cart I have...

Tartan Scarf--$6.99
I've always wanted a long tartan scarf. I had my eye on one from ASOS, but I can't see myself buying anything from ASOS. So, I looked on eBay for a long tartan scarf and lo and behold I found this one. It's perfect and hopefully, when it arrives, it will still be cold enough to wear it.
Even if it's not I still will. 
 a Hair Chain--$0.99
It took me a long time to realize I had my long hair back, and because I have "bombtastic hair" as one of my coworkers described it, I decided I'm going to accessorize it more. Hair chains are so cute, and they add a certain touch to your hair, even when it's in it's natural state.
Head Chain--$2.49
 I recently saw Helen from HelonMelonBaby wearing a head chain and I fell in love with it. It adds a regal touch to hair and there's nothing wrong with looking regal.
What were your latest eBay purchases?

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